Monday, 31 October 2011

Getting back into 'Blogging Mode' and my new No. 7 find! The Lash Adapt Buildable Mascara

Ok lets get back into gear, even with the disadvantage of a limited internet access I cant go another week without my blogging fix…I’ve missed it far to much! Hopefully I’ll get this up and blogging will resume from now on :) I feel happier already and excited to get back on track.


I recently mentioned in my last months favourites I thought I would do a review on the No. 7 Lash Adapt Mascara. With mascara being my all time favourite makeup product and my dessert island choice it HAD to be my come back post :)
I love the way mascara can transform your face and add drama to your makeup. I definitely feel ‘naked’ without my mascara.

The No. 7 Lash Adapt was the first makeup item I had ever brought from the brand and I was a tad worried about how it would perform. I don't know why but I had never been drawn into buy anything from them in the past. It was only when a No. 7 sales lady came over to me to introduce their latest new autumn mascara that I really took note and became intrigued to try one of their products. 

‘From work eyes to club eyes, add up to 6 coats clump free!
Say goodbye to clogging and clumping, and hello to beautifully defined lashes with the new innovation in mascara from No7.

This unique formula puts lash control firmly into your hands, allowing you to take your look from day to night without fuss. Add up to 6 coats, clump free! For more dramatic lashes in the evening, simply add more coats to build, define and volumise lashes to your desired look. Containing Jojoba Oil to condition and moisturise lashes to prevent them becoming brittle, lashes will be left soft, shiny and flexible even after eight layers’

The mascara costs £12 which is more than I would usually be willing to fork over for a high street brand but with a No.7 Boots voucher £7 seemed a little more reasonable…after all I am on a student budget :) !

What I most like about the product is the wand, its fabulously chunky and the bristle brush really allows you to work the product into the lashes to get the best results, volume and length from root to tip! I also find brush style wands allow you to control the amount of product that you apply to the lashes, so you can add as much or as little as you like by the amount of coats you paint on.

Now to the claims of how many coats you can apply before the clumps appear. Although thick clumpy spider lashes are all the rage this season I find for an every day, daytime look that natural looking lashes are far more up my street.

The first coat is very subtle and gives the lashes more depth and darkness. The second more length and volume and the third more drama and even more length. Now this would be as far as I would push it for day time, id even just go with one or two coats to be honest. The forth, fifth and sixth coats are a little bit more thick as you would expect and you can totally get away with the look they give for an evening look. If your in a fix and don't have time or the resources to reapply your makeup for a transition to a night time look then this mascara is perfect. But, to be honest I would rather take it all off and start again if I had the choice (and this goes for any mascara). 

What I love love LOVE about the mascara is how it feels on, I’ve sometimes found myself having to check I put mascara on, its so weightless! The formula is quite dry but not too dry to cause clumpiness. Throughout the day the mascara stays strong without smudging or transferring to the eyelids or underneath the eye. Its really effortless to remove as its not waterproof but as I mention previously I didn't have any issues with transfer at all even with all the rain we’ve had the past few days!

The packaging isn’t amazing, I do find that the tube can be a little awkward to hold but on the whole it's a classic shape and colour that can’t be faltered.

Have you tried No. 7’s Lash Adapt Mascara? What did you think? Or have you tried another one of their mascaras? Id love to know what you thought about them :)

Gosh it feels good to be back :) x

Available in two shades, Black and Brown/black.

Monday, 17 October 2011

I'll Be Back Soon...Moving Stresses

Okay moving, urgh its definitely not one of my favourite things to think about at the moment. I have just started my second year of University,and as much as I was excited about going back, I was also quite stressed out about it. Everyone gets nervous and worried about starting another year of learning, its expected. The cause of my apprehension however was all due to the stresses of moving...or lack of it in my case.  

Being in first year student accommodation was kind of effortless, my self catered accommodation was sorted months before I began, easy. But as a second year student moving into private accommodation,lets just say i've ran in to some issues...many to be exact.  The moving part seems to be giving me a few obstacles to juggle with; I don't know how many different move in dates i've been told now, 3, 5, maybe more? And my stress levels seem to be multiplying exponentially. 

As my University term has already started I am currently living out of my suitcase in a hotel, as lovely as it is and sounds i'd rather be sorting out where to put my bed and figuring out colours I want to paint the walls :) plus i'm not even going to think of what dent its putting on my student loan. 

I'm one for routines and having a nice base to feel comfortable and settled in. This week I have limited access to the internet ....sob. So much to my protesting and searching for alternatives I am going to have to resume blogging until next week. I can feel the withdrawal symptoms coming on already! So I apologise in advance for the lack of posts this week. 

Fingers crossed it will all work out and i'll be moving in before I know it. In the mean time if you know of any great interior blogs please send them my way! 
Hope you all have a great week :) 
x Thanks x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Wish List - October

I don't know about you but when ever I read a magazine, see an advert on TV or when I'm making my way through my many beauty youtube subscriptions, I like to have a my little pink book beside me to jot down any products or items I'd like to buy, possibly in the future. This Month has been no exception and I thought I'd share with you some of the latest additions to my list :) 

Origins A Perfect World Cleanser 

My skin often gets dehydrated and a friend recommended me this cleanser to me to try. Its a foaming face wash formilated with white tea, which i'm told is fantastic for hydrating the skin. I've never tried any of the Origins product line before, I think i've always been a little put off with the price tag. Maybe when I'm finished with the Liz Earle cleanser which I'm currently using I might give this one a go :) 

Elemis Dreamy Sleep
Overnight replenishing cream

I'm really intrigued by the new range which Elemis has recently just launched, 'Fresh Skin'. I think its great that skin care companies have finally started to realise that there is in fact a gap in the market between the needs of teenage skin and more mature anti ageing aimed products. 

OPI - The Muppets Collection Minis 

OPI captures the free-spirited fun, wild imagination and fabulous colour of The Muppets. The Muppets collection includes a range of 12 vibrant hues that sparkle and shine. All of these mini polishes in the shades Wocka Wocka, better, Warm and Fozzie and Excuse Moi! Look amazing. A definite on my christmas list this year :) 

My Favourite of the 4 Being...

Excuse Me!

I love Miss Piggy :) and this pink polish packed with sparkles is absolutely gorgeous!

L’OrĂ©al Color Infallible Eye Shadow - Endless Chocolate

Endless Chocolate seems a perfect choice seeing as this week is National Chocolate week...a great excuse for me to have a pig out this week :). Bursts of brown and red give the eyes an irresistibly luscious, desire-sparking look. Theses eye shadows are a cross between a velvety cream feel and a powder finish formula. Apparently lasting up to 24h!

Fossil Acrylic Watch 

  • I took a look at my watch the other day and realise it was maybe time to find a replacement. I came across this quite unusual looking watch whilst browsing on and feel in love with it.

I adore the pearlised acrylic strap, and the sophisticated feel it has. I'm also obsessed with anything rose gold at the moment. Maybe this could add at bit more of an accessory feel to an outfit . J'adore! 

Do you have any products that you've wanted to purchase recently? Anything that you wish you could own? I'd love to know what's on your lists too :) 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nails Of The Day...Gold Rush

'Gold Rush' by Essence 

I'm loving metallic nail polishes at the moment and this nail polish by Essence is perfect! I often find that some golds tone polishes can be a little too light for my skin tone and wash me out. However, this polish and another one of my favourites 'Rage' by Orly which is a little more glittery, are great for paler skin tones.


Another nail crush I have is for the Metallic Gold Nail Wraps from Nail Rock, which are next on my metallic must have list. 

Do you have a favourite metallic, gold or silver nail polish? I'd love to hear of more fab polishes to feed my current obsession just a bit more! :) Thanks 

x X x

Monday, 10 October 2011

Must Have Hair Trends of Autumn/Winter 2011

Move over beach waves and summer styling, with a new season comes new trends. Autumn is now officially here and its time to up date your do with this seasons newest hairstyle trends. Inspired from the runways of Fashion Weeks, the it hairstyles of Autumn/Winter 2011 are slicked back ponytails, long luscious locks and the disheveled buns. 

The Ponytail

The ponytail has made a huge come back this year to become the up do of the season. This hair trend is the easiest to follow because no matter how you wear it the ponytail is bang on trend. This trend is so simple in fact you might not even realize how fashionable you are! Ponytails suit just about anyone so to make it your own try switching up your accessories of how you secure yours or by adding a hair band.  Fashion icon Kate Moss was seen leading the way down the catwalk at Louis Vuitton with her slicked back smooth ponytail.

For a more futuristic look try mixing textures by having adding volume to the ends of your hair but keeping the front super sleek. But if you’re wanting to add sophistication and elegance to your pony tail simply add soft curls the ends of your hair whilst adding height to where you secure your ponytail. 

The centre parting, made famous by the Kardashian sisters is also big this season. A super straight centre parting and low slung ponytail is also one of this autumns top trends.

The Bun

Another up do that has tones of versatility is the bun. Whether you keep it to the side, pop it in a topknot or even push the boat out with two you’ll be on your way to fabulous this season.

As seen on the catwalks of YSL the perfectly neat bun was placed at the tape of the neck. Whereas Topshop quirky and playful look might be a bit much for a quick run to the shops its still making waves this autumn.

I’m loving the easy breezy fuss free over sized buns of Chanel. Partings to the side and a swirled loose bun is a trend I’m definitely going to follow! It oozes sexiness and stylish savvyness without trying to hard.

The ultra glamorous Dolce and Gabbanna relaxed ballet/chignon frames the face and is perfect when teamed with a slouchy jumper and jeans.


No more tedious tries at fishtail braids, in its place comes super easy effortless plaits, a loose and laid back look that adds femininity and flirtatiousness.

Letting loose

Long loose hair is another hit this season,either straight with flicks at the ends out or under,and laid back au natural locks with edgy centre partings are key trends for autumn and require minimum effort. 

Do you have a favourite fall fashion hair trend? Which one do you most think you'll try out? 

x x x 

Friday, 7 October 2011

September Favourites 2011

I'm so glad Autumn has started to feel a bit more like Autumn now! Last weeks crazy heat wave threw me...I had been looking forward to wearing all my winter clothes and had packed away all my summer bits and bobs only to have to dig them out again..although really who's complaining! Now that the bitter winds have begun I've been enjoying snuggling up at night with a hot mug of tea :) but not so much having to walk in the cold and rain to my morning lectures. I'm back at Uni now and so my mornings are pretty rushed and sadly doing my makeup has been allocated a 5 minute slot. So lets get on to my most used and all time favourites of last month :) 

No. 7 Quick Thinking Makeup Removing Wipes 4 in 1 

Paying £7 for a pack of face wipes does sound a little OTT but in conjunction with a Boots £5 No. 7 voucher £2 is a little more to my liking. But seriously these ARE the best face wipes I have ever used and I've tried my fair share of makeup removing wipes. I seem to be a bit unfaithful in the makeup wipe department, I just never seem to commit to one brand. Having said that I would give up my reckless ways for these. My face has never felt so soft and loved...seriously baby's bottom soft here! They remove my makeup with ease without leaving any feeling of a nasty residue on my face. Sadly the price tag that comes with these puts me off, but I'm planning on buying a backup with my last No. 7 voucher. 

Colbert MD Nourish Eye Cream 

I got this with my September Boudoir Prive box. Its claimed to be the current it skincare brand used by Kate Middleton herself. Again another gorgeous product with a hefty price tag that doesn't come cheap, £90 for 15ml is no way fitting into my student budget. Luckily eye creams last a long time as you only need a pea sized amount for each application, so this little pot will keep my the skin around my eyes hydrated and de puffed for a few more weeks (hoping desperately). The formula is luxuriously light but packed full of  moisture and it feel lovely and cooling on the skin. 

No. 7 Lash Adapt Mascara

Another No.7 voucher purchase, boy have Boots have got me! When I was first told about this new mascara from the No.7 lady I was a bit skeptical, 'up to 6 coats, clump free, build able even when reapplying hours later'....but I was intrigued and brought it, told you i'm easily persuaded when it come to makeup, especially mascaras! Having used this for a while now I can genuinely say this works! I love natural looking lashes and i'm not a big fan of clumpy looking lashes on myself ( I love the look on others but it just doesn't suit me). I'm going to be doing a more in depth review on this as I just love it so much so stay tuned :) 

Garnier Roll On Anti Dark Circle 

This under eye roll on is fabulous, if i'm rushed for time and don't have any makeup on yet this is the product I grab. The roller ball is cooling to the skin which helps to de puff whilst applying the product. It contains a slight peachy pink toned under eye concealer which when blended in helps to reduce the appearance of your dark circles. I just find it gives me a nice wide awake youthful look and it doesn't crease. Once I got a bit in my eye and it didn't half sting, so be careful :) . Overall it makes a huge difference with minimum effort :) 

Charles Worthington Takeaway On The Go Dry Shampoo 

Another go to product when i'm in a bit of a panic about time is this travel sized dry shampoo, its great to pop into my bag on the run when my hair needs a bit of a pick me up. The formula isn't heavy so it doesn't leave a horrible itchy feeling on your scalp and as long as you don't go trigger happy with it, it doesn't whiten your roots. I love that its got a slight scent too. Its also great for leaving your hair looking healthy, some dry shampoos really mattify your hair and take away its healthy shine, whereas this absorbs the oils but still keeps your hairs natural shine.

VO5 Miracle Concentrate 

I'm sure you're all familiar with this miracle product...the clues in the name and it fully lives up to its reputation. Love it. Cant get enough. I just pop it onto the ends of my hair, wet or dry and i've got the softest hair. I'm also trying to grow my hair longer at the moment so keeping the ends of my hair at their healthiest is a big priority. 

HD Brows Palette and Tweezerman Tweezers

I've also really got into grooming my brows, which i think is all down to the HD brow set from my September Glossy box. Ok I didn't have unruly brows before but I never used to fill them in or really 'groom' them much, only for special occations. My currently brow team consists of my new Tweezerman tweezers and the HD eye and brow palette. I was slightly hesitant at buying the tweezers at first, I mean how good could these tweezer really be, weren't all tweezers basically the same? Um no these are magic! Just kidding but they are fantastic :) any little hairs that you just cant seem to reach are a piece of cake for the Tweezerman tweezers. I really wanted to buy the Betsy Johnson ones but couldn't really justify paying that much just for a pretty flower design. So I settled with pink :) and couldn't be happier. 

Zoya Nail Polish 'Marina' Smoke and Mirrors Collection

As I mentioned in my post about the September Boudoir Prive Box I had been eyeing up some nail polishes from Zoya in a local shop so was unbelievable excited to receive this to try. And I love it! Even enough to think about buying another shade :) Its gorgeously opaque and with one coat you're good to go. What I love about the shade 'Marine' is the subtle finely milled silver shimmer within the formula which gives the shade a whole new dimention. It last seriously long on the nail without chipping and its dries easily too! All of the Zoya nail polishes are natural and 100% free of toxic Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP. Perfect. 

So those were my most used products of September :) If you've done a post of your favourites for last month please leave a comment with a link to your post as I'd love to read them :) Thanks 


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Illamasqua Makeup Lesson

Have you ever fancied a makeup lesson from one of the top luxury makeup brands Illamasqua? Well good news is you can and even better news...Its free!
To celebrate the launch of Illamasqua’s new A/W collection Theatre Of The Nameless, are offering you the chance to have your very own personal make-up lesson from illamasqua worth £30 with every purchase of 'Faux Pas', Illamasqua's stunning purple nail varnish ( £13.50 )

Faux Pas has a rubber look which not only makes it last longer and chip resistant but one of a kind too. 

Illamasqua’s A/W collection the Theatre of the Nameless, is inspired by the intimate intensity of nightclubs, fusing underworld subcultures for their darkly decedent collection of iridescent, inky tones with rubber-look finishes, shot through with opulent rich jewel hues to create a sultry, bruised and burnished colour palette. Look to cream pigments in strong magenta and coral shades, alongside statement lipglosses in soft grey pinks and intense bottle greens

Whilst on and type 'Illamasqua free make-up lesson' into the search box for more details :) 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Easy Curl! - Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Ok I'll start by making a confession...umm I've never actually tried using heated rollers before! I had always thought they'd take too long to heat up, they'd burn my fingers and that they'd just add volume to my hair not curls. Well I couldnt have been more wrong! Especially after using the Extremity Heated Rollers from Enrapture which aren't like any other heated rollers on the market. So I thought i'd share with you my very first heated rollers experience and let you know what I thought of these up-to-date heated rollers.

Ok first things first plugging this baby in, pushed the switch to on and waited literally seconds for the five bars to light up to indicate you're all ready to go. I couldn't quite believe how fast it was, I was expecting at least a 10 minute wait! But I didn't even have to wait 10 seconds let alone 10 minutes, so already my first assumption proved void.  

Next following the styling instructions (styling guide hereI sectioned my hair into manageable sized sections, believe me I have VERY thick hair so this was undoubtably needed. Starting with the underneath layer of hair and working my way around and up. Each roller is coated in velvet which provides a cool surface to handle whilst applying the rollers, so no nasty burnt fingers! The unique duo heat technology helps to create fantastic curls fast and with ease as one in your hair then the rollers heat up. The rollers emit heat from their core and the innovative butterfly clips metal plates also provide heat so your curl not only is quick and seamless but also very long lasting! For a girl with very thick hair these were perfect!

 I simply left the rollers in for 15minutes and voila done!   

To remove simply open the butterfly clips and allow the rollers to roll easily out, leaving a perfectly formed curl :) 

This is what the curls looked like when I first removed the rollers, I was really impressed and the only product id used on my hair was heat protectant! When I next fancy curls on a night out these are definitely going to be my first choice, as once the rollers are in I can then get on with my makeup, clothes etc leaving the rollers are working their magic :) my ideal situation! 

What I really like about these heated rollers in the minimal effort thats required for such a fantastic result! As ive mentioned in previous posts my hair is quite stubborn when it comes to curling, and I used to have to spend hours to get curls that lasted minutes. The two enrapture hair stylers that ive tried have both really turned curling my hair upside down, I actually want to curl my hair now because its such a dream!

The next day my curls (picture bellow) had slightly dropped as I brushed them out :) but the curl is still there!

The Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers come with a three year warranty just like the other Enrapture tools.  For more information on enrapture and their styling tools please go to

The extremity heated rollers include 
    Extremity Heated Roller case
    Ten medium rollers
    Ten large rollers
    Twenty butterfly clips
    Style guide


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