Monday, 18 July 2011

The Body Shop's Lip Scuff - Review

Flakey dry chapped lips can be a lipsticks worst nightmare *shudder* I cannot think of a more annoying thing when applying the finishing touches to your look. I constantly have dry lips and had been thinking about getting some kind of a lip scrub for a while now. The perfect moment came after getting a free £5 Body Shop voucher with last months Instyle magazine (talk about a good offer!) Pleased with my freebie I went in search of a lip scrub to relieve my lips of flakiness J. The only suitable scrub I could find in the Body Shop was the ‘lip scuff’, ideally I was looking for scrub within a pot, however this product was packaged within a lipstick bullet. Persuaded by my voucher I purchased it, i wouldn't have brought it if I didn't have £5 off, as I thought paying £8 for it was a little over priced.

What it claim to do:

To moisturize and gently exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin cells, leaving the lips feeling smooth, soft and conditioned.

How to use it:

Apply on to lips as if it were a lipstick and gently rub lips together, then use a tissue to remove. 

My verdict:

When I first used this product I was actually quite disappointed, I felt like it wasn't exfoliating at all, it just made my lips smell of peppermint! However after wearing down the top of the bullet to reveal the exfoliating beads (crushed fig stone granules) it improved. The best results i have got from using it are using a cotton bud/cue tip to gently rub the scrub along the lips. 

The product contains Marula Oil which is a very effective moisturiser, it helps to condition the skin over time as well as providing essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moisture barrier. I wouldn't say my lips felt moisturised after application, i feel i have to follow up with a lip balm afterward, nonetheless my lips definitely feel softer and more smooth. 

What I like most about the product is that the peppermint causes a gentle tingling sensation which leaves my lips feeling really refreshed :) 

Overall the lip scuff did do the job of polishing my lips however, for the price I doubt I will purchase it when it runs out.

Do you suffer from dry flaky lips too? Have you found a product that works wonders for you? I would love to hear if you’ve found a better alternative

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  1. I have crazy dry flakey lips and I also tried this. It was a no go for me:( it moisturizer but didn't help more than any other lip balm. I have been in love w/VS lip scrub and balm. Now ppl are asking me what I did to my lips. Amazing lol I did a blog post on it if u want to check it out

  2. Hi Mercedes :) Ooh thanks i'll take a look at your post. If you still have yours and want to use it up i really recommend the cotton bud trick! I am a little disappointed with it as i had high hopes. It does the job but its not amazing x

  3. Holly have you tried making a homemade lip scrub?
    It's really easy just take a little bit of sugar and oil, mix it together and use a soft bristle tooth brush to gently exfoliate your lips :)

    Then just apply your regular lip balm

    Hope that helps


  4. I dont use a lip scrub but because I'm outdoors alot I use Blistex Relief Cream in a squeezy tube... this gets rid of my dry lips and leaves them moisturised... I don't like vaseline really so Blistex is more minty and refreshing :)

  5. Anita - ooh thats a good idea :) thanks i'll give that a go! x

    Amy - Thanks for the suggestion, i think i'll go and see if i can get my hand of some :) im forever reapplying lip balm so maybe that might do the trick! x

  6. Benefit makes a great lip scrub and lip balm combo:) and it lasts forever!;) good luck and happy shopping

  7. Ooh really :) I didnt know that... Thanks :) xxx

  8. Lush makes a brilliant lip scrub!!!
    I reviewed it on my blog:
    and you can but it here:
    Love your blog!!!


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